About Me


About me:-

Hello to all my dear fashion and style enthusiast readers.

I am Haren Ganatra the creator of this blog.

I am a Bcom graduate having interest in the world of style and fashion.

“dress well to impress and to express” I believe in today’s world appearance does matter to a great extent. I am sure you might have noticed that when a well dressed man enters a room he is able to attract all the attention towards him and hence makes it easier to socialize as well as create a sense of strong image or vibes about him in the minds of people.

Fashion and style plays a very important role in my life I personally have experienced the importance of being well dressed and presentable, not only to enhance my personality but to be able to emboss a strong image of mine in people’s minds. Eventually what matters most to me in fashion and style is to be comfortable, confident and happy, as good clothes help have minds fresh through out the rough day.

My purpose to create this blog is to help all my enthusiast readers to achieve the “ well dressed man” tag. With all the essential information regarding fashion and style the myth that fashion and styling for men is a difficult task would be eradicated.

“feel good and positive always”